Alexander I 1801-1825

Aleksander I (1801 – 1825)
Aleksander I Pavlovich Romanov (December 23, 1777 – December 1, 1825), was Emperor of Russia from March 23, 1801–December 1, 1825 and King of Poland from 1815 – 1825, as well as the first Grand Duke of Finland. He was born in Saint Petersburg to Grand Duke Paul Petrovich, later Emperor Paul I, and Maria Fedorovna, daughter
of the Duke of Wьrttemberg. Alexander succeeded to the throne after his father was murdered, and ruled Russia during the chaotic period of the Napoleonic Wars. The strange contradictions of his character make Alexander one of the most interesting Tsars, and he is one of the most important figures in the history of 19th century Europe.

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