Anne 1730-1740

Anna Ioannovna (1730-1740)
Anna Ioannovna (February 7, 1693, Moscow – October 28, 1740) reigned as Duchess of Courland from 1711 to 1730 and as Empress of
Russia from 1730 to 1740. Anna was the daughter of Ivan V of Russia, as well as the niece of Peter the Great. The latter married her to Frederick William, Duke of Courland in November 1710, but on the return trip from Saint Petersburg in January 1711 her husband died from surfeit. Anna continued ruling as Duchess of Courland (now western Latvia) from 1711 to 1730, with the Russian resident, Peter Bestuzhev, as her adviser. She never remarried after the death of her husband, but was reputed by her enemies to indulge in a love affair with Count Biron for many years.

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